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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blue Phantom - Distortions (1971 italy, fascinating heavy psych with a mushroom cloud, 2012 Kismet extra track edition)

This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television and radio. Almost each and every track is a short, heavy acid rock symphony ... Disturbing, dissonant, and even downright menacing.  An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in Italy, France and the UK, and is highly sought-after by collectors today. This welcome reissue comes complete with the only other track released under the Blue Phantom name. 

1. Diodo - 3:48
2. Metamorphosis - 2:59
3. Microchaos - 2:43
4. Compression - 2:46
5. Equilibrium - 4:00
6. Dipnoi - 2:50
7. Distillation - 3:44
8. Violence - 3:08
9. Equivalence - 2:35
10.Psycho-Nebulous - 4:53
11.Uncle Jim (Bonus track) - 2:46

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Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol.6 (60's uk, exciting lost tunes)

English Freakbeat Vol. 6 the  CD has some different tracks from the original vinyl issue. Twink was one of the members of the Fairies, an under-appreciated British rhythm & blues band; Twink would later be one of the founding members of a very different band, the Pink Fairies. 

Members of the Cheynes include Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, as well as Peter Bardens and Phil Sawyer. They released several singles between 1963 and 1965.  The real name of the front man for Jason Eddie and the Centremen is Al Wycherley, the brother of Billy Fury, a pop star in the late 1950's. Their experimental treatment of "Singing the Blues" was released in the U.S. by Capitol Records in June 1966, Mike Patto did the vocals for Chicago Line and finally the Bo and Beep were actually Kim Fowley with Rolling Stones members.

Artists - Tracks
1. The Fairies - Get Yourself Home - 2:27
2. The Fairies - I'll Dance - 2:08
3. The Fairies - Anytime At All - 2:18
4. Junco Partners - Take This Hammer - 2:20
5. Cheynes - Respectable - 1:57
6. The Wild Ones- Bowie Man - 2:23
7. Rhythm And Blues Inc- Honey Don't - 2:28
8. Erkey Grant And Earwigs - I'm A Hog For You - 2:09
9. David John And The Mood - Bring It To Jerome - 2:14
10.David John And The Mood - I Love To See You Strut - 2:10
11.Bill And Will - Goin' To The River - 2:30
12.Blues By Five - Boom Boom - 2:20
13.Steve Aldo - Baby What You Want Me To Do - 3:38
14.Jason Eddie And Centremen - Singing The Blues - 2:33
15.Bo And Peep - Young Love - 2:41
16.Chicago Line - Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop - 2:51
17.Chicago Line - Jump Back - 3:07
18.The Wranglers - Little Liza Jane - 1:56
19.David John And The Mood - To Catch That Man - 2:12
20.David John And The Mood - Diggin' For Gold - 2:41
21.Nix-Nomads - She'll Be Sweeter Than You - 2:42
22.Bo And Peep - Rise Of The Brighton Surf - 4:22

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