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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charge - Charge (1973 uk, heavy acid psych, great guitar outbursts)

Charge's home-made LP of 1973 is the greatest lunatic heavy-rock private pressing of the 'Progressive' era. Virtually cliched in their stunnigly apt period self tormenting guitar excess and psych-hippie lyricism, Charge have the ultimate 'cool' and  'happening' underground credentials, man.

ccaisonall Hendrix-isms soon fall to the experimental idiosyncrasies that spring only from the genius of the British race (?). Swathes of Pink Floyd-esque - a la Motorhead - non music cut through the epic "Child of Nations" - Fractal psychedelia via "To My Friends", violently twanging Guitars and so forth!

1. Glory Boy - 4:05
2. To My Friends - 5:10
3. Rock My Soul - 3:49
4. Child of Nations - 17:10

Uknown Band members and other Musicians,
any correlation  with Ric Grech and some musicians
who made short-lived band by the same name is absolutely wrong.

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